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Fashion and Feng Shui

A Chinese art of Feng Shui counts 6000 years – as a tradition, it includes knowledge of architecture, aesthetics, astrology, geodesy and bio-energy. In metaphrase, Feng Shui means: water – wind. These are 2 main elements, including basic living processes of Earth. Feng Shui is very extensive, it brings information almost about everything: beginning from the moment of building a house and finishing with reading the smallest features of destiny. Feng Shui knowledge is based on the irrational, apparently, because it seems to be illogical, mysterious, but surprisingly exact. An eastern sage Osho said once: “Logic – is a small island in an ocean of irrational. Feng Shui knows laws of irrational.”

Tracing the connection between The fashion, one can notice with surprise, that fashion is also irrational, lives according to its own strange laws, but has its own exact rules and cycles.

In China, number 64 is considered to be very strong, in magic plan. 64 years – is a cycle of fashion! There are also additional cycles, for example 64:2= 32. If you look back in the history of fashion 32 years ago, you will discover that bell-bottomed jeans, hairdos and make-up, like we wear now, were in fashion at that time.

“The staple man”

In principle, fashion remains to be firm, but keeps up to date. Cloth and accessories are a continuation of a man, his personality. Your cloth helps other people to treat you in a certain way, for example, people have one approach to a monk and absolutely different attitude to a policeman, as their cloth says everything for them. What can we say about such popular cloth, like jeans and why do we still wear them, since Levise times (18th century!)? Because blue color – is a color of sky, color of ordaining, when one puts them on his buttocks, he profanes traditions of ordaining, blockades his contact with Space. Jeans were invented to be working cloth for commoners and remain such till now, blocking one’s way to personality perfection. Ideas of cliquishness and ordaining are actual! Rank and fashion keeps on wearing black tails and long white dresses, in spite of all.

Well, as for color: Feng Shui differs only 5 colors of Space: white, black, red, green and yellow, they are considered to be basic parts of the Universe. How does this work in life? In children’s books fairies are pictured in white, and bad malicious witches are pictured in black. These two colors represent the duality of world, power, struggle of good and evil, but in Chinese traditions Yin-Yang (white-black) are interconnected, they penetrate into each other, not mixing with each other. This way it is impossible to understand good without trying evil. These are colors of ordaining ( in rank and fashion these are white dresses and black suits, wedding traditions, special ceremonies). When a man wants to accentuate the importance of some events, he uses these colors. Black color is popular to accentuate one’s power, individuality – this is a color of a master (black karate belt, black monk habit) and surpasses, in point of fact, all other colors, but when mixed with strong white color, it gives birth to grey color (quite popular among high life).

As a rule, grey color means also steel-blue, platinum or silvery gleam, the colors, that are so popular in high life. Metallic lustre symbolizes money, power, strength and platinum items or white gold, popular now, – are not only a tribute to fashion, but also to your social status.

In Arabian world, classical cloth for women is black, for men – white – another confirmation of the fact of confrontation between Yin and Yang. Red color is a deserving opponent to black, realizing this fact, they represent quite a strong contrast pair – in cloth this sounds martially and glaringly, like saying – I am very strong! Shy, introverted people, wishing to show themselves in a society, should include such combination in their wardrobe. Red is a color of aggression, active living position. American democrats, who wish to accentuate this nuance, like to put on red cravats. Red lipstick in a woman’s make-up – is an irreplaceable attribute of accentuated sexuality, which has a man-like shade. This is an image of a feminist that does not hide her imperious intentions. Red color is always stronger than white one, and in a historical war of red and white roses, civil war of Russians, red always won… Lady in red – is a desired type of woman in man’s subconsciousness.

As for yellow color – color of Earth, it is sedative in psychological concept, it corresponds to the processes that take place in earth depths. Yellow, like its continuation – gravel, terracotta, beige is very good for everyday work, blends with collective aura, does not irritate, but accentuates good-temper in a personality. Green color – harmonic, giving repose, is rather vivifying on associative level, as this is a color of grass, trees, which are servants and healers for us in hierarchic concept. This color suits excellently to people, who have problems with psychosomatic diseases and psychic disorders. Doctors noted long ago that wounds and stitches heal up better, if a patient looks on green color or is situated among big amount of green color. Army uses mimicry of nature, dressing soldiers in a uniform of khaki. Green contributes to surviving, adaptation to external conditions of environment, confluence with nature.

By the way, green, like pink (well dilute red) – are colors of love, women, accumulating love in their organism and displaying it outside, should definitely use these colors in cloth and interior, as bunches of flowers – symbolizing romantic feeling are nothing but combination of green leaves and pink buds. Accentuating the process of blossoming (gamma, pattern of fabric, accessories), a man gives birth to life itself around him…

Using knowledge of Feng Shui, one can introduce positive energy, success and health. And the main fact is that our life is fantastical – it is a combination of the most unexpected events and His Majesty Case constantly breaks the order and its evident logic. Every one of us feels this sensation from day to day. Once, in some inconceivable way, whirling of chances gains sense and finds its only point of rest – love… Chinese people say: you cannot change your destiny, but you can lighten your life significantly, considering rules of its game and knowledge. Realizing himself as a personality, a man should treat fashion trends carefully, especially standard trends that deprive a man of his personal character, he should wear only that cloth, which will accentuate his own individuality!

New Male Fashion Accessory

Gone are the days when a garden shed, basement or garage was just used to store Dad’s tools, empty boxes or the car. The shed has evolved, the basement has had a make over and the car is now parked in the driveway.


To make way for the Man Cave of course! The modern man of the house wants a place he can get away from it all, where he can have his mates over for a drink, a laugh and to watch the game or just have somewhere to go and think. The garden shed, garage or basement has now turned into a thing of a pride and joy, no longer stopping at just organising the tools or parking the car..

Now the latest in technology, games, fully stocked bars and most comfortable recliners have all become a part of the newest addition to a man’s life. In fact the revitalized garden shed has become the latest male fashion statement. A man knows he has arrived when he has a Man Cave in his life.

Of course there are many different types of ‘cave’ and no two are alike, essentially the design, decor and what is found in the new man domain come down to personality and personal taste. Most Caves will contain some form of bar, a TV with access to all sport channels, usually a dart board or pool table and of course a stereo. How far you want to go is completely up to you! After all it is your domain and your domain alone, an expression of your personality an extension of yourself if you will.

So where do you start? How do you know if you have a ‘Man Cave’ in the making? What happens if you don’t have a space? Well first of all you need to have a shed, garage or basement to play with, a space you can begin to call your own. It needs to be organised and cleaned up and out to make space for your new toys.

You don’t have to get everything at once but you do need to make a start. Maybe the thought of creating a ‘Man-Cave club’ where each of your mates helps you to build your dream cave and in turn you help them to create their Man Paradise is appealing to you.

If the sound of a ‘Man Cave’ is tempting you and your mates and you have no idea where to start you’ll definitely want to see exactly what is available in the do-it-yourself range. After all the most satisfying kind of Man Cave is one you’ve built yourself… from scratch.

Man-Bags Please Define

Man-bags. We have all heard the name and have seen fashion-forward men carrying them at the mall, but most people are still perplexed by their existence. Are there really designer handbags that are created for men or do guys sneak into the ladies department and pick one out for themselves? Are they considered fashionable or a faux pas? Are they an upcoming fashion staple or are they a slowly passing fad waiting to disappear? These are all frequently asked questions and we have the answers.

Let’s start with the most important question. Are there designer handbags that are actually intended for men? The answer is yes. Many designers have created entire lines of handbags just for men. These revolutionary bags first began to appear in the 1960’s on the catwalks of Paris. They were originally referred to as a man-case in order to give a more masculine appeal. While these man-cases did not catch on right away, they did begin to gain popularity as the pockets on bell-bottoms grew tighter and the idea of nonconformity flourished. In the 2000’s, Italian designers, such as Gucci, worked to attract male consumers by recreating the idea of the designer man-bag. Today, their popularity is growing at an exponential rate.

On to the next question. Are designer man-bags fashionable or a faux pas? Of course the answer is fashionable! Many people try to give man-bags a bad rap and paint them in a picture of effeminate transgression, but the truth is most men possess some type of carry-case. A business man sports a briefcase, hipsters don a floppy messenger, and even the burly alpha male who is oozing with testosterone owns a hunting bag. So why should a fashionable male be denied the right to carry his own type of bag?

Now, time for arguably the most important question and definitely the riskiest answer. Are designer man-bags an upcoming fashion staple or a passing fad? Fashion is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving so it would be wrong to say for certain what will become of an item once it is introduced to the world. However, the designer man-bag already has a few advantages working for it. Man-bags are useful. They have a high utility, which is something that a man appreciates. As mentioned before, most men already have some type of carrying device, so adding a designer man-bag into their everyday routine would not come as much of a shock. Additionally, as gender roles are becoming more ambiguous, the past notion of a man carrying a designer bag is not as farfetched as it once was. The stage has been set for the introduction of the everyday-man to carry a designer handbag, now it is time to watch and see what will become of it. My personal belief is that over time, the designer man-bag will gain even more popularity than what it is already experiencing and become a must-have item for all men.

For the men who are wanting to partake in this upcoming style revolution or for those who have already started to push the trend, it is time to find the perfect designer man-bag for you. Authentic is the only way to go and at a discount is best. Online stores, such as Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, are now available to help the fashion and budget-conscious man find the best designer designer man-bags.

Choose Fashionable Eyeglasses

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of eyeglasses available in different colors, shapes, sizes, styles, materials and so on. We all hope to find the eyeglasses fit us, and also add to our appearance. Actually, we can choose our most favorite eyeglasses from fashionable glasses online.

With the development of modern eyeglass industry, more and more eyeglasses are developed into market. Eyeglasses made of high-tech materials, such as titanium, with thinner and lighter weight, are popular with modern people. For women, they can have more chances from choosing more fashionable, stylish eyeglasses to decorate themselves. While for men, they can not find as many fashionable glasses as women from traditional store, but they can get from online stores. And comforts and durability is the most important factors for men’s eyeglasses. Besides, there are also unisex glasses available on the market.

Logging on the online eyeglasses store, you can find there are a wide variety of fashionable eyeglasses available. Eyeglasses with buffalo horn prints, tortoise patterns and graphic stripes are very popular now.

As we may know, fun animal prints are very fashionable and popular nowadays. We can find them on fashionable clothes, shoes, handbags, and also on eyeglasses. The pair of eyeglasses with buffalo horn print can make you look rich and sophisticated as well. The frames in warm red and brown colors can also look stunning.

Eyeglasses with tortoise patterns are very popular with people as it can not only make you look good, but also offer us an actual makeover. With this pair of eyeglasses, you can enjoy a bit of downtown prester and a bit of uptown hipster look. The classic tortoise eyeglasses are loved by officers as it can make them look professional, but the latest tortoise frame with a blend of conservative style, can not only be used in office, but also in after-hours.

If you are a fashionable man, you may like the eyeglasses with graphic prints. The graphic prints can be darling black, abstract and white, which can make people look striking and sophisticated. Especially on rectangular shaped eyeglasses, the graphic prints in brown stripes will be very amazing.

Before, people have to take a pair of sunglasses and a pair of prescription glasses when they read in the sun. But now, just a pair sunglass reader can resolve their troubles completely. Not only magnifying lens can be used in sunglass reader, but also bifocal lens. And there are many different kinds of sunglass reader available on the market in different colors, sizes and shades.

If you like, you can have more options from choosing fashion eyeglasses online. Before choosing a pair, you have to take an eye exam with the help of doctors available online, in order to choose the most suitable pair for you. Besides more fashionable glasses to choose, the unbeatable price is one of the greatest benefits. If you want to buy eyeglasses for your kids, you can visit the kid’s zone. There are specialized teams to provide optimal service and eye care for your kids.