Be Discreet with Luxury Leather Hip Flasks

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to take a favorite beverage along when going out. Of course, it isn’t always practical to carry it out in the open. When wishing to keep that special drink close at hand, but concealed at the same time, consider using luxury leather hip flasks.

Flasks are Perfectly Shaped

People often ask why a hip flask is shaped somewhat like a human kidney. It’s designed that way to make it less noticeable while a person is carrying it. A hip flask is thin, with a slight curve in the middle, which allows it to conform to a person’s body and remain hidden from view.

Conceal and Carry

A hip flask is simply the best way to carry an alcoholic beverage, without being obvious about doing so. Flasks were originally created to keep alcohol concealed on one’s person, but they can also be used to transport other liquids, such as iced tea and water. When using a flask in the traditional manner, it’s highly recommended to stick with spirits, such as whiskey, gin, rum, bourbon or scotch, and to discard any remaining liquid after 3 days before it acquires a metallic taste.

Style and Luxury

Hip flasks make wonderful gifts for both men and women. They are fashionable for young and old alike and can be personalized with a name, initials, a date or even a special verse. Most of today’s modern styles are made from pewter, stainless steel or plastic, but for added luxury consider choosing one that’s bound in leather, as it will surely become a family heirloom over time.

Easy to Care For

A flask is very easy to clean. Simply empty out any residual liquid from the inside, fill it with white vinegar, and shake it until the inside appears clean. Then dump out the vinegar, and rinse the flask well with clear water. Allow the inside of the flask to dry thoroughly before securing the top back in place.

Carrying a hip flask can allow an individual to take the edge off whenever stress gets too great. Since a flask only holds a minimal amount of alcohol, it’s the perfect choice for the person who wants to relax and not worry about becoming intoxicated. Please be aware that carrying an open container is illegal in most places, so do so at your own discretion.