The Men’s Fashion Dilemma

When it comes to fashion, one image, above all others, comes to mind. That’s the image of super models wearing outlandish, retro futuristic, metallic outfits, walking down a runway, surrounded by flashing lights and electronic dance music. This image comes to mind, and we dismiss it, thinking, “that’s just not for me.” The good news is that you’re 100{71eeec7f13351a41c6adf47a891b9a2d5993ee0122d2c1638b2c00647303a1c4} right. That’s merely “high fashion,” and it’s not aimed at any target demographic, per se, but rather, predicted or establishing new trends. They’re not supposed to blend into society. However, fashion is still for you, because it’s for anyone that’s ever dressed themselves, which, I assume, is every adult, at the very least. However, there’s one group in particular who feels like fashion is not for them, that’s it’s something they’re not allowed to enjoy, and that’s men. We’re a relatively progressive society, but we still have a long way to go toward acceptance of men who defy traditional standards of masculinity, so men and boys have it drilled into their heads that fashion, among other things, is just for girls, and so they reflexively refuse to care beyond what the women and girls around them wear. This is truly tragic, as everyone deserves the right to dress as they please and be interested in whatever hey honestly, genuinely like. The good news is that we have come far enough for men’s fashion to just start taking some risks, so there’s never been a better time for men to get into fashion.

If you’re still experiencing some trepidation on the matter, that’s okay. I feel you. I, myself, have only just begun to dabble, and I’m not reinventing the wheel. That’s for sure. However, I have made some headway with starting to dress in more “fancy” clothing. This includes blazers, sweaters, dress shirts, etc. Nothing you couldn’t find at Brooks Brothers. This small step toward fashion has been a breath of fresh air for me. While I experimented very slightly as a teenager with a long, red, woolen overcoat, I’ve spent too much of my life sticking to blue jeans and tee shirts, and, well, it’s just boring. Trying new things has been uplifting and has given me a much needed boost to my confidence, and I’m incredibly grateful to live in such a time that I won’t be crucified for out of the ordinary style choices. I’m free to wear all of the floral print I want, and I couldn’t be happier about it.